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Pristine Clean of Wilmington LLC is located in the beautiful coastal town of Wilmington NC, established in 2006 as a trustworthy and dependable small business. We are fully insured, our work includes but is not limited to, Residential, Commercial, Rental, Realty pre & post Sale, New Construction and Remodel Cleanings.  We work hard to meet all of our clients individual needs while reducing the amount of chemical exposure. We partner with NORWEX, which improves quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in your homes and offices! Please call us to set up a free cleaning estimate and learn more about these amazing products!
Trustworthy & Dependable
Melanie Romano ®  
Last Updated 02/21/17

"I cleaned all my blinds with the Norwex dusting mitt, they looked clean before but I was amazed at how much dust the mitt picked up and how easy it was to use! Thank you for introducing me to these products!!" - Judy C.

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